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Nov 1, 2012 2:48 PM by Beth Beechie (beth@krtv.com)

Augusta students aim for $1M to help "Superstorm Sandy" victims

As the nation sees the devastation unfold from "Superstorm Sandy" on the east coast, some students in Augusta have decided to take matters into their own hands to help.

The students are getting in contact with every student council in the state to try and raise money to send to people affected by the storm.

The students plan to go door to door within their own community asking for spare cash and change.

Their goal is to try and get everyone in the state to donate just one dollar.

The student council has not yet decided which organization will receive the donations.

They can mail their donations to Augusta's High School at the following address:

Augusta High School
P.O. Box 307
Augusta, MT 59410
ATTN: Student Council