Nov 2, 2011 8:46 PM by Jen Hollenbach

Centerville students, faculty praise new 4-day school week

The transition to four-day school week is receiving "high marks" at Centerville School.

The school kicked off the new school year with a new schedule, extending each class period by 11 minutes, and having eight classes per day, four days per week.

With more class time during each school day, Centerville teachers and staff are already seeing an improvement in grades and understanding.

Junior High teacher Randi Rains noted, "They aren't day-dreaming, they're not looking at the clock waiting for time to be up, they're really involved in class, asking a lot more questions. They really are taking more initiative into their own learning."

Student Deryk Pearsall was skeptical of the change at first, worried that 11 more minutes of class would mean more homework every day.

Now, Deryk appreciates the new schedule: "Actually I have less (homework), we get more time in class to do it. So in all reality we don't take as much homework home because we get more of it done in class."

Teacher Mike Taylor concurred, saying, "Now it is they can do their work with me in class. And so if they have any questions, it's all answered right here for them."

Superintendent Dennis Gerke says the two things that prompted the schedule change were to improve student achievement and save money.

He says academic performance has improved, and there have been fewer teacher absences.

Gerke is keeping records of their heating, food, and transportation costs to see how they've improved financially; he hopes to have more specific numbers to compare at the end of the semester.


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