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Nov 21, 2012 10:51 AM by Erin Schermele (erin@krtv.com)

Cold case murder investigation haunts Lewistown

Fergus County has one unsolved murder on the books in the last 40 years, and it continues to haunt law enforcement and the community.

It was a missing person case that turned into a homicide investigation, when Josh Haight was reported missing in July of 2005.

It would be two more years until his family discovered the horrible truth, when his body was found in the Missouri River Breaks east of Lewistown.

Fergus County Sheriff Thomas Killham said, "The Josh Haight case is, sooner or later, I feel, someone is going to talk. Someone knows something out there."

But even after Haight's body was identified, the lack of evidence gave investigators little to go on.

But the information the Sheriff's office did obtain - the cause of death and specific location of the body - are pieces of the puzzle that have not yet been released.

Killham said, "Those are kind of our aces in the hole. We feel that whoever committed these crimes are the only ones that know that, except for us."

Speculation has filled the city of Lewistown in the years since Haight's disappearance.

But in this case, law enforcement's hands are tied.

Killham said, "There is a person of interest. The sad part about it is there is no evidence, solid evidence, that we can take to a prosecuting attorney and say, 'Here it is.'"

Killham says the only way for this cold case to be laid to rest is by someone coming forward.

He believes the information is out there, but says it will take the community's help to lead to justice for Josh.

Anyone that has information that may help is asked to call the Sheriff's office at 406-535-3415, or 877-361-3014.

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