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Mar 6, 2013 11:18 AM by Claire Anderson (claire@krtv.com)

Conrad students shave heads to support injured friend

CONRAD - Young Julia Winney is now recovering at home in Conrad after spending more than two months in a Utah hospital.

A house fire left Julia critically injured in late December, but from day one, she's had an overwhelming community of support cheering her on.

The community rallied to support Julia, organizing several benefits and events to help the family.

In the latest show of support for their friend, four of her 7th-grade Conrad peers decided to shave their shaggy locks.

Connor Peters said, "Julia, she was in the fire and she had to shave her head so to support her, we decided that we should raise money for her and shave our heads."

Teacher Ryan Fetherston noted, "Everyone knows what happened to Julia, but this is them stepping up to do their part to help her out."

So with some raffle tickets and homemade posters they went about raising money for Julia; Connor explained, "We just went around during study hall and asked people if they wanted to buy it, there was actually a lot of people who bought tickets."

Fetherstone said, "We figured that if we sold tickets and let everyone draw and make it a competition on who got to shave our heads."

After all the tickets were sold and $100 later, the boys drew the names and had their heads shaved in front of their peers.

The gesture of cutting their hair was noble, but it was the overall thoughtfulness of these young boys that impressed the teachers and parents.

Fetherston said, "I'm very impressed with them, and some of their ideas. It may not be a lot but it's still something to help her and her family as well as them showing leadership within our school.

Connor's mother Terri said, "In Conrad we have always been really supportive of our community and for the kids to step up and they have done an amazing job.

If anyone is interesting in donating to the family, you can do so at Stockman's Bank under the "Julia Winney Benefit" account.

Conrad students shave heads to support injured friend

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