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Apr 8, 2011 7:01 PM by DFAS

DFAS issues FAQ for military, civilian, retiree pay

The Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS), which handles pay issues for military personnel, DOD civilian employees, and retired military, has posted answers to Frequently Asked Question regarding the possible government shutdown.

The FAQs address some of the questions regarding the following DFAS pay categories (click any category to jump to that section):

Active Duty Civilian Retired Travel

Active Duty, Military Pay

Q: What happened to my LES?
Due to the potential shutdown of the federal government, we have "taken down" all Leave and Earnings
Statements (LESes) or "Advice of Pays" for Active Duty Military and Reservists for pay to be received on
April 15. We will re-post LESes when we receive more information on the shutdown or enacted legislation
that authorizes pay beyond April 8. Assuming this authority becomes available, we anticipate paying both
active and reserve members their full pay for duty served from April 1-15.
Q1. Will I get paid for my past work?
For any time up to when the Continuing Resolution Act (CRA) expires, active duty and reservists completing duty will be paid. The current CRA expires at midnight on April 8. Active and Reserve military members
will be paid on time for pay earned prior to the expiration of the CRA -- approximately half of their normal
mid-month payment.
Q2. Will I remain on duty?
Active duty and reservists on active duty will continue to report for duty.
Q4. Should I expect a delay in my pay date?
There are several key components to this answer. First, our military men and women will be paid on time
for duty performed prior to the expiration of the most recent CRA. Second, at this time active duty military
and on-duty reservists cannot be paid for duty performed after the CRA expires until additional appropriations legislation is enacted. Finally, once another CRA or an appropriations act is signed into law, normal
disbursement of pay will resume for pay. Military members will be paid for duty performed during the
Q5. What if I am a civilian employee who performs National Guard or Reserve duty while furloughed? Is it a dual compensation situation?
It is not a dual compensation situation because furloughed employees are not in a pay status. You will be
carried in a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) status. However, you will not be paid for any active duty military
duty during the government shutdown until after an appropriations act is enacted.

Civilian Pay

Q1. Will I get paid for my past work?
DoD Civilians will be paid for each day worked through Friday, April 8. Because the normal pay period ends
Saturday, April 9, this will usually equate to a full paycheck.
Q2. I have heard that I will be required to work to perform activity that is excepted from the
shutdown. Can you tell me the difference between an excepted and a non-excepted employee if
the Continuing Resolution Act (CRA) expires and appropriations lapse?
Simply put, once appropriations are enacted the federal government must pay employees who are required to perform excepted activities, whereas employees who are not required to perform excepted activities will be furloughed.
Q3. If I am a non-excepted employee and I get furloughed, how do I input my time, or will this
be handled for me?
Personnel Actions for all furloughs would be completed. However, the timing of the furlough during the pay
period may also require that either the employing DoD agency or employees input their time as well. You
would be advised of your responsibilities when and as appropriate.
Q4. Will I be paid for a partial pay period?
There are several key components to this answer. First, if the CRA expires during the middle of a pay
period, employees will be paid on the next regular pay date for that portion of service performed in the
pay period prior to the expiration of the CRA. Second, in most cases excepted employees cannot be paid for service performed during the shutdown until after appropriations are enacted. Finally, for furloughed
employees, Congress will have to provide authority for retroactive payments to be made.

Retiree and Annuitant Pay

Q1. Will I continue to get paid if the government shuts down?
Yes, military retiree and annuitants are not paid from Continuing Resolution Act (CRA) appropriations, so
they will be paid on the regular schedule.
Q2. Will my pay be on time?
Yes. At this time, DoD contingency plans provide for on-time payments for retirees and annuitants.
Q1. Will DFAS still make scheduled allotment payments during the shutdown? Will DFAS notify
recipients that no payments are being made because of the shutdown?
Military allotments and garnishments are released as part of the End of Month pay process. If a shutdown
goes beyond End of Month processing, allotments and pay would be impacted by the lack of appropriations. Once a Continuing Resolution Act {CRA) or appropriations act is enacted, pay would be generated
and allotments will be paid.
Civilian allotments and garnishments will be processed as normal for the pay period ending April 9, 2011.
DFAS will not notify allotment recipients that payments will not be made.

Travel Pay

Q1. If I was TDY prior to the expiration of the Continuing Resolution Act (CRA) but my TDY
period extends into the furlough period, will I be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses
during the furlough period since I was on orders?
If the CRA expires and appropriations lapse, travel expenses incurred through April 8 are payable. The
travel expenses incurred by travelers promptly complying with orders to return to their duty station will be
reimbursable as costs of the orderly shutdown of agency operations after appropriations are enacted. If
immediate return is not possible, then return must be accomplished as soon as is practicable. If a traveler
is directed to return and fails to promptly do so, the traveler is responsible for additional expenses incurred.
Expenses incurred after April 8 by travelers who remain TDY because continuation of TDY is in direct support of an excepted activity, will be reimbursable after appropriations are enacted.
Q2. If I returned from TDY just prior to the start of the furlough and submitted my voucher, will
it be paid?
DFAS will continue to pay TDY vouchers for expenses incurred prior to any lapse in appropriations. Vouchers received for TDY trips that end prior to midnight of the last day of the CRA are payable.

SOURCE: DFAS website

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