Cascade County

Oct 5, 2012 6:12 PM by Erin Schermele (erin@krtv.com)

DUI arrests down in Cascade County

The number of DUI arrests in Cascade County during 2011 were the lowest they have been in four years.

Even with the decrease, the Cascade County DUI Task Force is still focused on eliminating the problem, and spent $14,000 on advertising this past year, reminding people they have other options instead of getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

According to an annual report, 85 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes in 2011; that's slightly down from 88 in 2010, and 97 in 2009.

Al Recke, the coordinator of the Cascade County DUI Task Force, says changes from the 2011 legislative session are lending a hand to those trying to combat the drinking and driving culture.

But Recke says that now a new issue involving drugs is becoming more of problem.

Recke noted, "They are finding that the amount of chemicals, especially THC which is found in marijuana. The incidence of THC being found in someone stopped for DUI has increased dramatically."

Recke hopes in the 2013 legislative session, lawmakers work to find a way to quantify impairment while under the influence of drugs so people can be charged accordingly.