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Jan 22, 2013 11:04 PM by Meteorologist Mike Rawlins

Feeling dry? Check your indoor humidity

It's one thing to face the harsh wintry air outside, but your own home may be making you feel uncomfortable.

It all has to do with the relative humidity of the air outside and how your furnace changes that air while pulling it inside.

There's a simple way to check your indoor humidity and all you need is a glass of water and some ice.

Throw a couple ice cubes in the water, stir well and wait a few minutes.

If you have the right amount of moisture in the air, condensation will form on the outside of the glass.

If you find your home is lacking adequate humidity, try using a humidifier and you should notice a difference within a few hours.

Taking these steps can help prevent that dry, cracked skin so many people find themselves suffering from this time of year!


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