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Jun 3, 2013 5:26 PM by KRTV

Flooding continues in Montana - Viewer Photos

Flooding continues in several counties across central and north Montana.

Among the areas being affected are Belt Creek, Armington, Lewistown, Winifred, Hill County, and the Lodgepole area.

Reporter Claire Anderson was at the scene near Armington Junction, east of Belt, as crews were adding rocks to areas of Belt Creek, as seen in the photos above.

The Montana Department of Transportation reports the following road incidents and closures:

- Road Closed on US-191 - five miles south of the Fred Robinson Bridge to the junction with MT 66 at milepost 83.6.

- US 191 from Bohemian Corner to Dy Junction north of Grass Range. Road closure due to flooding as of 9 a.m. on Monday, June 3rd. There is flooding on the road at milepost 73 and from milepost 103 to 104. The water is estimated to be at least one foot deep in some spots and is dangerous from traffic. Travelers will need to find an alternate route.

- 24 and 24.5 miles east of Hilger - there is 3.5 inches of water on the road at both locations. Traffic is moving through both areas.

- Approximately two miles south of the Lodgepole turnoff on MT 66 - 35 mph reduced speed over the bridge while flooding conditions are favorable.

Click here to visit the MDT website for additional information and maps.

Click here to see more viewer photos, or upload your own.

Brandon Udelhoven shared these photos from near Winifred and says: "We have received almost 3.5 inches over night and all the creeks are flooding and washing away roads and crossings. My father says this is the most water he's seen in his 62 years of life."

Flooding near Winifred

Flooding near Winifred

This photo is from the MT Department of Transporation showing flooding at milepost 73 of US-191 North.

Flooding at US-191 North

This photo from Kris Allen shows flooding at Beaver Creek Park in Hill County:

Flooding at Beaver Creek Park

Photos from Andre Zollars in Lewistown who says: "Getting it good here in Lewistown. City has dug a trench at the end of 6th Ave S. to direct overflow of Big Spring Creek."

Flooding in Lewistown

Flooding in Lewistown

From Melissa Rick: "Beaver Creek flooding, west of Havre, MT, near Evergreen Campgrounds."

Flooding near Havre

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