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Jan 25, 2013 11:16 AM by Erin Schermele (erin@krtv.com)

Great Falls business puts touch-screen kiosks to work for tourists

Something as simple as deciding where to eat can be a challenge when visiting a city - but a new family business in Great Falls called City Keyosk is aiming to change that.

Ashleigh Heichelbech, co-owner of City Keyosk, explained, "We travel a lot and as we have stayed in hotels and we noticed there was not a good resource to really find out about the city we are staying in."

So the Schell-Heichelbech family went to work and came up with touch-screen monitor in a kiosk that allows tourists to easily and quickly look up information about the city.

Heichelbrech said, "We chose City Keyosk as our name because as we were trying to think of what kind of image we wanted to portray, we're really trying to get people to explore Great Falls and be part of it...so we wanted to give people the 'key' to our city."

With just a few taps on the touch-screen, visitors can look at maps and get a list of places to shop, things to do, and of course where to eat.

She said, "That's always a big question when someone comes, is 'Where do we eat in Great Falls?"' One of our focuses of course was local. We really wanted to bring people into the heart of Great Falls."

While the business is already taking off in the first few months, the true treasure for the company is being able to work as a family.

Steve Schell, co-owner of City Keyosk, "With my kids, they have all gone away and gone to school and come back and I love having them here. Now we can bring what they have learned, and bring it back to Great Falls so we can make Great Falls a better place."

The kiosks are currently stationed in ten Great Falls hotels, and they hope to expand to other cities across the state in the near future.

Take a tour of the kiosk at the City Keyosk website.

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