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Feb 13, 2013 11:42 AM by Beth Beechie (beth@krtv.com)

Great Falls College-MSU hosts healthcare career fair for high school students

Great Falls College-MSU hosted a healthcare career fair on Tuesday to show high-school students some of their options.

Hannah Schaffer, a sophomore at Great Falls High School, enjoyed the opportunity: "I take a medical class, it's called Health Occ, and it's hands on and stuff, but not like this. And seeing pictures and all this stuff, actually seeing it and not just learning about it in the classroom is really nice."

Sue Michels, a physical therapist, explained, "They really have to have a very strong background in sciences in order to move forward whether they choose physical therapy or occupational therapy."

And more than just prepping these teens, coordinators wants students to see there are career options for 2-year degrees and even graduate degrees and beyond.

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