May 25, 2011 6:10 PM by Kay Rossi (Great Falls)

Great Falls High School students walk on water

One Great Falls High School teacher has prepared a very special final exam for her students this year.

For 10% of their grade, physics teacher Jan Mader has asked her students to walk on water.

Every year Mader tries to do an interactive final exam.

This year students were tasked with using physics principles learned throughout the school year to create shoes that could support their weight and keep them balanced on water.

Mader said, "They knew how much water to displace for how many pounds they weighed. They know about centers of mass. They know about equilibrium and balancing but some students come up with designs, even though they had researched on the Internet, they showed up with designs that other students took one look at them and said: you're going to crash."

Mader says she prefers the interactive finals because the majority of class work is done in labs.

Her 26 students didn't seem to mind their watery assignment either.

She says some students even got family and friends to join in the design process.

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