Sep 6, 2012 12:09 PM by Beth Beechie (beth@krtv.com)

Happy Tummy Taxi becomes Cafe Courier

Happy Tummy Taxi in Great Falls has a new name, now that Bozeman-based business Cafe Courier has purchased the business.

The business picks up meals from area restaurants and delivers them to homes and businesses.

Cafe Courier is a Bozeman-based business that's been looking to expand to Great Falls for a while now.

The opportunity came about when the entrepreneur behind Happy Tummy Taxi decided to refocus his business efforts.

Cafe Courier CEO John Allen said, "The owner Richard (Cronk) contacted me and decided he wanted to get out of the business and concentrate on his restaurant, the Tap House. We've been talking for the last six months and it's an excellent fit for us."

Allen says he hopes to add more restaurants to their list of options within the next several months.