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Feb 12, 2013 11:35 AM by Lindsey Gordon (Helena)

Healthcare insurance company merger will get public hearing

Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Montana is seeking approval of a transaction where Health Care Service Corporation will acquire the insurance and administrative services of the non-profit company.

A public hearing on the acquisition will be held on Tuesday, February 12.

The two formed an alliance last year, and are hoping to wrap up their business by July of this year.

Tuesday's hearing at the county court house will require everyone giving public testimony to be cross-examined.

Jesse Laslovich, MT State Auditor chief legal counsel, said, "We needed more time by our office to evaluate the transaction. So the next hearing with be March 12th where there will be another opportunity to have public comment and that will also be the hearing where we are presenting our cases."

Blue Cross-Blue Shield currently serves about 270,000 members in the state of Montana.