Feb 9, 2012 9:09 PM by Richie Melby

"I don't think I've ever enjoyed losing that much in my life"

Townsend wrestler Troy Spurlock has never won a match outside of a forfeit.

The Bulldogs' senior has a disability that requires special needs - but he puts in his time on the mats like any other athlete - as he continues to chase that elusive first win - and that's where Clancy Ludvigson steps in.

Clancy recalled, "It started about two years ago, I was watching him wrestle and, well, he got beat, he got pinned."

In Townsend's final regular season duals of the year - Spurlock remained winless - with two forfeits and two losses on the afternoon - but at Ludvigson's request - officials set up a special exhibition match between the Cascade sophomore and Spurlock on his senior night - a bout that won't soon be forgotten.

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Coach Doug Little said, "It was pretty intense, they stopped everything and there was just the one match going on and everybody was watching that one match."

Ludvigson: "It was crazy, everybody was screaming and stuff...when he took me down the first time the crowd just erupted."

Spurlock:, "I picked the kid up and threw him on the mat and my face like burst into flames, like, I had him! That was the best moment of my life."

The crowd continues to shriek and shrill in anticipation - and nearly three full periods of wrestling later - one whistle brings on an ovation fit for a

Ludvigson:, "When he pinned me he just went crazy. He stood up and was like 'Yes my first win!' He loved it."

Spurlock: "The best moment of my life, getting that first win. Coach O'Dell is always saying 'Don't give up, try your best and don't have bad sportsmanship, always have good sportsmanship.'"

Little: "He came over and shook our hands and you could just see he was excited. Being in that moment, he was excited and having a great time."

Spurlock: "I got that kid and got through the pain and I'm going to State. This is my big year, going to State so I'm going to try hard this year, focus on wrestling and not girls, focus on wrestling only."

Spurlock enters the final weekend of his prep career with one emotional victory under his belt - and news of his win has spread like wildfire across the mats - and the Bulldog senior is ready to take that fame to Montana's biggest stage."

Spurlock: "I'm going to be like a celebrity now and I'm just trying to get that 'W.' Me and Mack Brown are getting my championship on in Pasadena."

Win lose or draw at the State tournament - Spurlock will always have January 28 - a date Clancy Ludvigson performed one of the most selfless acts in Montana wrestling history."

Ludvigson: "This match will stand out in my mind forever. I don't think I've ever enjoyed losing that much in my life."



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