Winter Watch

Dec 28, 2010 1:36 PM by David Sherman

Kay Rossi still trying to return to Great Falls

KRTV reporter Kay Rossi traveled back East for the holidays and became stranded due to the monster snow storm that struck the region. You can keep track of Kay via Twitter @kayrtv. Here is her latest update on efforts to return to Great Falls:

My flight was supposed to go out on Monday at 6:15pm. First Delta listed it as delayed by 45 minutes, and then cancelled it. My sister's Delta flight to LAX was also cancelled.

All day Monday we were calling and going online trying to get an update but the phone line kept saying "Due to extreme weather conditions we cannot get to your call" and the website kept telling us "high turbulence" was keeping them from getting our new flight information.

Finally I got through to a representative on the phone after being on hold for 30 minutes. The representative almost found a Thursday flight and then it got snatched up before we could book it.

The representative then said, "If we were in a store right now we would be fighting over flights." So she found one on Friday and booked it. She said I could call and try to get put on an earlier flight as they were available, but we called Delta again today and they said all flights were cancelled again today.

I then spent another 45 minutes on hold trying to set up my sister's flight. She can't get out until Saturday.

Last night we went to Foxwoods, the largest business in the area. It's a casino with tons of restaurants and shops and multiple levels. My extended family told me it's normally bustling with business and activity but last night it was dead. Maybe a dozen people at the table games and stores were all closing up early inside the facility because there were no customers. We couldn't find another open business so we visited a family friend and came home.

On Tuesday, a reporter for the New York Times called and said they are doing a story on the impacts of the storm across the region. He asked when I was supposed to leave, when I am leaving now and what am I doing here. He asked what I am hearing on the news and shortly after our conversation he friended me on Facebook so he could get some quotes from users commenting on my status.

Right now we're not doing anything. My aunt is waiting for a tow truck to pull her car out of a ditch; she is supposed to get a rental car this afternoon. Until then we only have my cousin's car to get into town and my aunt is worried about the roads. She said she'd rather not push it so we are just watching television and sitting around. After we get the car we may be able to get into town.

We still want to get to NYC tomorrow so we'll see...

NOTE: the car pictured above belongs to Kay's aunt - the victim of a "slide-off." No one was injured.

ALSO: welcome, New York Times visitors!

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