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KRTV Evening Top Stories - Mon Feb 11

Top stories on KRTV for the evening of Monday, February 11, 2013.

- Papal Announcement: Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will step down at the end of February, becoming the first pope to resign in 600 years. Father Jay Peterson, the vicar-general of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, said, "I think he probably saw first-hand the stresses and strains of trying to be pope and being very, very sick at the same time, and I think he probably wanted to be able to maybe even set a precedent for future popes to be able to resign from the job, and I don't see it as 'letting God down,' so to speak."

- Sold: The Dana Ranch, located south of Cascade, has been sold to David Killam, the CEO of Killam Companies. The 60,000-acre ranch is considered by many to be one of the finest operating ranches in the Rocky Mountain West. It reportedly sold for a $45 million dollars.

- Sheriffs: The Montana Sheriff's & Peace Officer's Association board has come up with a unified stance in regards to gun legislation. In a letter, the group states they don't believe that the recent mass shootings are the fault of the weapons used, but rather the fault of the often mentally disturbed individuals who wielded them.

- MT Legislature: MT State Senator Dick Barrett is sponsoring the Montana Death with Dignity Act, which would allow doctors to prescribe medication to end a person's life. Barrett says his bill establishes medical protocols for terminal patients wishing to end their suffering. Supporters of the bill told emotional stories about loved ones who suffered in their last days and wanted alternatives. Opponents of the bill say family members could use this legislation to take advantage of their dying relatives.

- Blue Cross: Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Montana is asking for permission from the state insurance commissioner's office to be acquired by the nation's fourth-largest health insurance company Health Care Service Corporation. A hearing will be held on Tuesday to discuss the proposed acquisition. The two formed an alliance last year, and are hoping to wrap up their business by July of this year.

- Lifesaver: Colton Walter, a Great Falls firefighter was honored in Helena for his life-saving efforts. He won the "Stars of Life" award for saving a two-year child who had a blocked airway.

- False Alarm: A bogus Emergency Alert System message aired on KRTV and the CW on Monday afternoon. The message did not come from our station, and appears to be the result of a hacker. Our engineers our looking into the origin of the alert to make sure a similar occurrence does not happen again.

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