Jul 11, 2013 9:42 AM by Irina Cates (Missoula)

Lamont gets deferred sentence in fire, animal cruelty case

MISSOULA - Randi Lamont of Frenchtown was given a deferred sentence in Missoula District Court on Wednesday for setting her mobile home on fire in December.

Investigators said Lamont, who lived in the rented trailer with her three children, started the fire that killed three of her pets.

Lamont was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

The judge sentenced Lamont to one year in jail for those misdemeanor charges, but suspended eight of those months.

(December 11, 2012) Randi Lamont, accused of animal cruelty several months ago in Cascade County, faces the same accusation again, this time in western Montana and coupled with a charge of arson.

Lamont was renting a Frenchtown trailer that caught on fire last week.

Investigators tell us they believe the 29-year-old, who lived there with her three children, started the fire.

She's being charged with arson and animal cruelty since her three pets died in the fire.

Detective Jason Johnson of the Missoula County Sheriff's Office said, "Ultimately she talked about throwing a newspaper at a lit candle and that maybe that's what caused it. So she never fully came out and confessed to it."

In June 2012 Lamont was charged with cruelty to animals in Great Falls after reportedly leaving her five horses without food at a local stable for long periods of time.

The horses resorted to eating parts of the stable.

Her father was charged with animal cruelty just two years prior to that incident.

Missoula investigators also say that Lamont's Great Falls home caught on fire in June and they believe she's doing this for attention and community sympathy.

Lamont's three children are in the custody of Child & Family Services.

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