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Nov 9, 2012 6:30 PM by David Sherman (david@krtv.com)

Making A Snow Angel - In Shorts and Sandals

While some people are dismayed at the winter storm and the snow it has dumped - and continues to dump - on and around Great Falls, one KRTV viewer who isn't around to enjoy it right now put out a special request.

Jill Safken, an airman who is currently deployed overseas, posted on the KRTV Facebook page: "I am deployed right now and could really use some fun pics of the snow...I LOVE it...Please be safe driving but have a blast building snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights...Enjoy it for me..."

Ryan Lowe, a frequent commenter with a good sense of humor and community service, took the challenge to heart; he made a snow angel for Jill - and he did it wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals.

Ryan posted: "Thank you so much for your service!!! This is the least we could do!!! The snow is too soft for snowmen, but perfect for big man snow angels!!!"

Here's the video that Ryan shared with us:

UPDATE: after we posted the video, we received a response from Jill and from her mother:

Jill's mother Maggie wrote: "My daughter Jill Safken is on the phone now and isn't able to get an internet connection so she wants me to let you know how much she appreciates this video. She was humbled and crying because of the support from great Montana people like you. I played the video so she could at least hear it. Thank you so much Ryan Lowe for your post and support. She loves being from Montana because of people like you. It reminds her so much of being at her grandma's house in Great Falls and making snow angels with her sister. Thanks again."

A few minutes later, Jill replied: "Finally got my internet back...I can't even descibe the emotion I feel right now. I cannot thank you enough for this...This is beyond cool....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I only wish words could describe the pride I have inside me to be from Montana right now...You have brought me to tears in a good way...Thank you Thank you Thank you...It looks PERFECT...I like it more than words can describe..."

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