Aug 20, 2010 7:32 PM by Ashley Korslien (KRTV-Great Falls)

Malmstrom celebrates diversity with cultural fair

The diversity of our world was celebrated right here in Great Falls today, as Malmstrom Air Force Base hosted a Multi-Cultural Fair.

Joann Gogo-Semana of the 341st Force Support Squadron explained, "We have the Asian-Pacific Islander, the Hispanic heritage, Native American heritage, the African-American heritage. We also have a European heritage that we incorporated into this."

The fair brings together various music, food, clothing, and displays for an educational opportunity for military members and their families.

Master Sergeant Cimarron Reeves, one of the event organizers, noted, "One of the great things about the military is that we are exposed to different cultures and there is a whole plethora of people that make it up. Today's event is a culmination of all of these diversities that make America what it is."

A well-known culture to Montana offered traditional dancing and singing to the audience; MSgt Reeves said, "With the Native American portion of it we have a few different tribes that are here and we have a lot of their history. And there is a lot of culture that comes with that."

But the fair does more than show off individual cultures to the participants -organizers and participants say that it brings people together through a common bond.

Gogo-Semana said, "It helps with the team here on base, enable a better understanding of where everybody comes from, which enhances the morale of working together and making the mission happen here at Malmstrom."

In the end, no matter their heritage or background, participants say its all about uniting under the red, white and blue.

Organizers say last year more than 500 people attended the fair, and this year they expect to break that record.

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