Great Falls

Nov 1, 2010 11:14 AM by Tyler Mickelson (Great Falls)

MAPS hunts for ghosts in Great Falls

Ghosts in Great Falls? That's what some people believe, and the Lobby Bar and the old Cascade County Jail in downtown Great Falls have long been cited as two of the spookiest places in town.

Tyler Mickelson teamed up with Michelle and Chris Heberle, the founders of the Montana Association of Paranormal Studies (MAPS), to explore the mystery of the both the Lobby Bar and the old Cascade County Jail in an attempt to discover if the legends and rumors are true.

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Learn more about MAPS at their website, including this brief overview:

Our team is hand picked, well trained and like minded who take our investigations very seriously. We approach every investigation scientifically with equipment to measure differences in our surroundings. We record data via thermal imaging, pictures, video, temprature and emf readings to name a few. We try to debunk what we find.