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Jul 13, 2011 12:19 PM by David Sherman

Monster crocodile picture: real, fake, or exaggerated?

Wednesday morning's "The Early Show" on CBS featured a photo of what appears to be a monstrous crocodile lunging straight up out of the water (video clip).

The photo, snapped by photographer Katrina Bridgeford while on a river tour in Australia, has spread like wildfire online, and not everyone is convinced that the photo is real - at least, not "real" in the sense that the perspective of the photo makes the crocodile appear far larger than it really is.

What's not in dispute is that it is a real crocodile; according to The Australian, the crocodile is called Brutus, he is 18 feet long, about 80 years old, weighs up to two tons, and is a favorite attraction on one of the "jumping crocodile" river tours that are popular in the region.

The Daily Mail site reports that Brutus is missing one of his front legs - allegedly after an encounter with a shark.

NTNews solicited opinions from photo experts, and the consensus is that it is indeed a real photo; one of the experts said, "I do believe (Bridgeford's) image of Brutus is real, and for those who don't believe it is, they could always head up to NT for a swim in the Adelaide River."

So what do you think - is the picture real? Is it fake? Or is it simply a case of a photo giving an exaggerated sense of proportion? Let us know in the comments below.