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May 28, 2012 1:13 PM by David Sherman (david@krtv.com)

NatGeo will debut series about Montana Hutterite colony

A new documentary series following a Hutterite colony in Montana will air on the National Geographic Channel.

Aaron Flint, a radio talk show host on the Northern News Network, says that last month he was staying at The Yogo Inn in Lewistown and learned that there was a documentary crew in town to film the King Colony near Lewistown.

The producer of the program, Jeff Collins, will be the guest on Flint's "Voices Of Montana" radio program on Tuesday, May 29th.

"Voices Of Montana" airs on KQDI in Great Falls weekdays at 9 am.

The documentary series, titled "American Colony: Meet The Hutterites," will begin airing on the National Geographic Channel on Tuesday, May 29th.

See the show schedule, video clips, and overview at the NatGeo website, including these facts:

  • The Hutterites are named after their founder, Jakob Hutter, who founded the group in the Austrian province of Tyrol, and later led them to Moravia to escape persecution. Hutter was a hat maker by trade; "Hut" is the German word for hat.
  • Today, more than 40,000 Hutterites live in more than 480 colonies in the United States and Canada. There is even a Hutterite colony in Japan.
  • There are three denominations of Hutterites: the Schmiedeleut, the Lehrerleut, and the Dariusleut. The suffix "leut" means "people" in English, and each prefix refers to that group's original leader. The first two refer to the original leader's vocation: "Schmied" meaning blacksmith, and "Lehrer" meaning teacher. The Dariusleut is named after their founder, Darius Walter.
  • Hutterites follow the major tenets of anabaptism, including nonviolence, adult baptism, and communal ownership of goods.
  • The Hutterites' first language is German. Anyone from the outside world is referred to as 'English.'

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