One Class At A Time

Nov 8, 2010 8:55 PM by Katie Stukey (Great Falls)

One Class At A Time: Whittier Elementary School

The computers in Kassie Jackson's Whittier Elementary classroom are about to get a real workout, thanks to a "Once Class At A Time" grant.

The $250 grant will help Mrs. Jackson purchase Brain Pop, Jr, an interactive program that allows kids to use a computer and develop in areas like math, science and social studies.

For Mrs. Jackson, it's important to give her students class-time to work with technology, because many of them don't have computers at home.

She said, "Right now, this generation is all geared toward technology. A lot of the jobs are turning toward all technology. So, getting these kids used to using it in the classroom and on an everyday basis...they don't have it at home, they can use it in the classroom and get acquainted with it."

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