Great Falls

Jan 25, 2012 12:16 PM by David Sherman

Power outages reported in Great Falls

Several areas around Great Falls are reporting power outages this morning, triggered by the powerful winds.

The traffic signals at Central Avenue West and 6th Street NW are out, and so are the lights at Central Avenue West and 3rd Street NW.

Among the other reports we've received:

KRTV friend Michelle says that power is out in the NW part of town near the old FlyingJ by Vaughn RD and the NW Bypass.

JD Knite tells us that lights are flickering in the blocks of 14/15th Streets and 2nd Avenue North; Kirsten says power is also flickering near 4th Avenue South and 13th Street.

Kristin says no power on 9th Street and 3rd Avenue NW.

Jodie says power out and back on four times in the past 30 minutes on Upper River Road.

Mike Rawlins reports that several radio stations have also been knocked off the air.

Also: the powerful winds are blowing lots of dirt and dust to the east off of Gore Hill, causing some visibility problems; check out the latest image on the KRTV US Bank Eye-Cam.

We have been told that NorthWestern Energy crews have been dispatched to several locations around town.

We will keep you updated; if power is out in your area, let us know in the comments or on the KRTV Facebook page.

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