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Oct 17, 2013 12:31 PM by Russ Thomas

"Restaurant: Impossible" gives Plains eatery a makeover

PLAINS - Heather's Country Kitchen, a small, struggling restaurant in Plains, is about to receive national recognition after being chosen by the Food Network to receive a 36-hour, $10,000 make-over, thanks to the popular "Restaurant: Impossible" TV show.

Robert Irvine, a chef and the host of the show, explained, "'Restaurant Impossible' is about real people with real problems and we bring real solutions. We're 82% successful in the 89 restaurants, this is the 89th restaurant that we've done."

Irvine says one of the goals is not only to create a successful, thriving business, but to give hope to a community: "We give them what they want, we give them great food, great service, and a great deal. You know money is tight for everybody right now, so the menu is priced the way I think it should be for this area."

The 36-hour interior remodel includes the dining area, the kitchen, the type of food prepared, and even the bathrooms.

Chef Irvine says one of the key elements in creating a successful project is to build upon the positive attributes the community has to offer.

Irvine noted, "We're in a beautiful area...this restaurant should have a deck looking at these mountains and the scenery. It doesn't, but hopefully when they start making money, they'll put one on, because it is absolutely beautiful here."

For many living in the community, they are hopeful that the national exposure, focusing on a local business will pay dividends for the town moving forward.

Plains resident Dave McPhee said, "Anything that will bring a little bit of publicity and notoriety to the town, I think is a good thing."

Fellow resident JoAnn Mathers added, "You know, we don't have a lot of restaurants in this town so having that is great. We all need a good restaurant here."

If everything goes as Irvine hopes, the community will have a restaurant that drives business thanks to those living in the community, as well as tourists who make it a must-stop location when they visit.

The post-remodel re-opening is being held on Wednesday night, and Irvine says they are expecting a huge turnout.

The show will air sometime after the New Year.

Restaurant Impossible gives makeover to eatery in Plains Montana

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