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Apr 13, 2011 2:07 PM by Marnee Banks (Helena)

Schweitzer vetoes bills in "branding" event

Governor Brian Schweitzer fired up his "VETO" branding iron on Wednesday, vetoing seven bills on the lawn of the state Capitol in Helena.

During the event, Schweitzer said, "These bills are either frivolous, unconstitutional, or in direct contradiction to the expressed will of the people of Montana."

Schweitzer vetoed a total of 17 bills on Wednesday, but only used his "VETO" branding iron for seven of them.

Among the bills he vetoed was the proposal to repeal the Medical Marijuana Act, and the measure that would have elminated same-day voter registration.

Click the image to watch raw video from the event.

The Governor vetoed the following bills during Wednesday's event; the ones that he used the branding iron are indidated.

(Senate Bill/Sponsor - Short Title)

SB 114 - Hinkle - Federal law enforcement officers should communicate with sheriff (BRANDED)

HB 318 - Warburton - Ensure county oversight in movement of publicly-owned wild buffalo or bison (BRANDED)

SB 109 - Barrett - Revise definition of eligible renewable resources (BRANDED)

HB 272 - Flynn - Eliminate ability for FWP to use hunting access fees to acquire fee title lands (BRANDED)

SB 159 - Priest - Revise energy efficiency and code adoption requirements in building codes (BRANDED)

HB 180 - Edmunds - Revise close of voter registration (BRANDED)

SB 306 - Murphy - Revise mining laws regarding cyanide health and vat leach open-pit mining (BRANDED)

HB 456 - Smith - Define scope/ boundaries of human sexuality/reproduct ed in K-12 public schools

HB 464 - Blasdel - Provide medical liability protection for hard-to-recruit subspecialists

SB 111 - Sonju - Limit noneconomic damages in motor vehicle accidents

SB 228 - Priest - Prohibit creation of health insurance exchange under PPACA

SB 324 - Balyeat - Revise consumer protection laws and settlement proceeds

SB 370 - Priest - Require cost-benefit analysis of mandated health insurance coverage of service

SB 254 - Hutton - Provide state eminent domain authority for federal lands

HB 161 - Milburn - Repeal medical marijuana law

SB 183 - Brown - Revise interim zoning laws

HB 542 - Esp - Revise subdivision and platting act

We will have more on this later today and on the 5:30 and 10pm newscasts, including the response from both GOP and Democrat legislators.

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