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Dec 14, 2012 9:33 AM by Beth Beechie (beth@krtv.com)

Steel fabrication company ADF outlines jobs, plant information

ADF Group of Canada is laying the groundwork for a steel fabrication complex which is expected to be up and running north of Great Falls by next October.

News of the ADF Group setting up a fabrication complex on the outskirts of Great Falls surfaced a little more than a month ago.

With 140 jobs opening in the coming year, ADF is already seeing resumes trickle in, though it may be a little too soon for hires; ADF says they plan to begin with the interviewing processes in the spring of 2013.

Their operation will contain two parts: an assembly yard which will employ unionized workers, and a fabrication plant that won't be unionized.

ADF says they don't see the hiring of either union or non-union workers ruffling any feathers.

ADF CEO Jean Paschini noted, "We've been working like that for the past 50 years, so I don't anticipate any problems at all."

Paschini says based on his employees in Canada, he hopes the workers that ADF hires in Montana will make careers for themselves within the company: "We have people in our facility in Montreal that their father was working for us and now it's the children."

It's that tradition and longevity that ADF hopes to see carry over into their Great Falls expansion.

ADF spokeswoman Kathleen Ryffranck, who's managing the employment process for the Great Falls facility, says she's already seen applicants who hope to move back to north central Montana and create a life back in Great Falls.

She noted, "It's really encouraging to hear that they want to come back...that just give us the message they want to be a part of it and they're going to stay for the long-term."

ADF will set up shop just four miles north of Great Falls on Highway 87 and says they'll bring three employees from Quebec.

In about three years time, ADF anticipates hiring approximately 350 Montanans to be a part of their module assembly, which they expect to play a key role in the oil and gas business and its expansion.

ADF also plans to have a training facility on-site that will partner with the expanding welding program at Great Falls College-MSU.

Click here for job information at the ADF website.

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