Dec 27, 2010 1:18 PM by Alex Grubb (Great Falls)

Sun River schools implementing behavioral program

Students in the Sun River Valley will soon follow a new program that will help teach them how to act in and out of the classroom.

The schools will be following guidelines from the Montana Behavioral Initiative, which is a program offered through the state Office of Public Instruction.

First introduced in the 1990s, the MBI program is already in place at more than 200 schools throughout the state.

The idea behind the program is that all students should be taught all the skills necessary for success, in areas academic, social, emotional, and behavioral.

Dave Marzolf, the Sun River Valley superintendent, noted, "In this day and age, schools have to take a more proactive approach to teaching behavior and teaching acceptable behavior, rather than reprimand."

Lydia Mild is one of the committee members overseeing the project, and said, "My biggest thing is making students that are ready for society, that can go out and be successful no matter if they're going to a dance, or going for a business interview, or meeting the president, that they learn the respectable morals and behavior that is expected."

Student expectations and consequences will be the same from classroom to classroom, so students know what to expect.

Click here to learn more about MBI.

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