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Jul 12, 2013 8:22 PM by KRTV

Suspect in ICU after swallowing pills pulled from rear-end

Jesse Matthew Lopez of Great Falls, 29, is facing two felony charges and several misdemeanor charges after police found drug paraphernalia on him - and he then reportedly pulled several pills from his rear-end and swallowed them.

The incident began when Lopez went to the Great Falls police station on Monday to pick up a wallet that someone had turned in.

The on-duty officer noticed that there was an outstanding warrant for Lopez; Lopez was then arrested and taken to the Cascade County jail.

As Lopez was being searched, officers found a black bag in Lopez's sweatshirt pocket, which contained glass pipes that had burnt residue, and also more than a dozen empty plastic bindles that are commonly used in the sale of narcotics.

While Lopez was waiting to be booked, officers were told by another inmate that Lopez was pulling pills from his anus and eating them, according to the charging document.

Officers seized four yellow pills from Lopez's mouth and underneath where he was laying.

They also found inside Lopez's mouth the remnants of more than one plastic bindle.

The pills were late identified as hydrocodone/acetaminophen, which are Schedule III narcotics.

Court documents state that Lopez is currently in the intensive care unit at Benefis hospital as a result of the incident.

Lopez is facing one felony charge of criminal possession with intent to distribute; one felony charge of tampering with evidence; and three counts of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.