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Feb 26, 2013 11:31 AM by Ben Trotter (Bozeman)

Travel Channel series spotlights Montana author, photographer Kevin Connolly

BOZEMAN - Helena native Kevin Connolly is an author, photographer, and athlete, and soon will be the star of a mini-series on the Travel Channel.

The series is called "Armed and Ready," and Connolly - who was born without legs - says, "The show is about taking what a legless guy can't do, and making him do it."

He says the show takes a new look at what someone with physical disability can and can't do.

Connolly said, "The only way in which I was perceived, and a lot of other people I've met with physical disabilities had been perceived, is as this just kind of simple human interest piece."

So there will be no fluffy moments of epiphany, no weepy human-interest moments - just a guy tackling potentially dangerous situations, and therein lies the challenge.

Connolly noted, "How does a legless guy street-luge, or skydive, or cliff-dive?" He said it all starts with getting creative about the gear that he used to make these stunts happen.

Connolly learned those skills years ago, as a mono-skier through Eagle Mount: "A lot of the things that they taught me at a really broad level, in terms of just adapting to your environment and surrounding, is definitely at play here in every episode."

Connolly's show "Armed and Ready" premieres February 26th on the Travel Channel.

Click here to read more about the TV show and Connolly on the Travel Channel website, including this overview:

Kevin Michael Connolly was born without legs. An otherwise-healthy baby, he grew up like any other kid -- getting dirty and playing in the woods. In 2005, Kevin began skateboarding and taking photographs. His first taste of living abroad came in 2006 when he studied in New Zealand for a year. While on the return home, Kevin was skating down a backstreet in Vienna and took his first prototype photo for what was to become The Rolling Exhibition -- an art exhibit of over 33,000 photos.

Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts in media and theatre arts from Montana State University, and currently resides in Bozeman, MT, where he spends his free time skiing, hiking and longboarding. He serves on the board for the Montana Independent Living Project, and is actively involved with multiple other disabled nonprofit organizations including Make-A-Wish Foundation, Eagle Mount and National Inclusion Project.

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