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Dec 5, 2012 3:45 PM by David Sherman (david@krtv.com)

Two men charged in Great Falls burglary

Justin Payne and Trevor Purcell have been charged with two felonies each after allegedly stealing items from a house in Great Falls.

Court documents state that Payne, 23, an airman assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, and Purcell, 25, a former airman, broke into a house on Dune Drive on or about November 24th.

Once inside, they reportedly stole two guns, a knife, a guitar, and an amplifier.

The value of the items is more than $1,500.

When questioned by police, Payne admitted his involvement; police recovered the knife and the amplifier from him.

Payne told police that Purcell had the guns and had already sold the guitar.

When Purcell was questioned by police, he refused to speak with them.

Payne and Purcell are both charged with felony theft and felony burglary.

The County Attorney requested that bond for each man be set at $2,500.