Sep 27, 2013 2:54 PM by Richie Melby (richie@krtv.com)

UGF Lacrosse Team Makes Its Debut Saturday

GREAT FALLS - The University of Great Falls announced months ago they were bringing lacrosse to the Electric City and the sport makes its highly anticipated debut this weekend.

"It's really exciting having the school behind us and trying to get the community involved in the game," said Argos head coach Bryan Jenkins.

The excitement level is high at UGF as the hours count down until the first lacrosse match. With a new program, comes new challenges. For Argo lacrosse, the lack of longevity means lack of upperclassmen.

"We have 16 freshmen from all over the country and Canada," Jenkins explained. "They're from New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, a lot of west coast kids and three Montana guys.

"They have the right attitude and that's the biggest thing, especially with freshmen."

Building a program from scratch will prove difficult, but the new Argos have the right attitude and mentality to aim for success.

"Just coming to Montana and being able to play lacrosse at the next level," said sophomore transfer Joey Moser. "I think everyone feels the same way. They're happy to just be playing again. They love the sport as much as I do and we're just excited to play."

Excitement has turned into progress for the Argos, who continue to improve on the pitch with each practice.

"We have progressed a lot since the first week," said Moser. "We are really molding as a team right now and feeling confident about Saturday."

That first match will be a test for UGF. The Argos host the mighty Griz in their debut, but players and coaches alike are less focused on the scoreboard, and more focused on the little things.

"Most importantly, guys are competitive, play hard and they play lacrosse the way it's meant to be played," said Jenkins. "I don't have a score in mind, I just want them to play hard and do the best they can.

"We'll see how we stack up."

Moser added, "Give 100% and leave it all on the field. Don't look back."

The Argos meet the Grizzlies at 1:00pm Saturday at the Siebel Soccer Complex.

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