Dec 8, 2010 3:53 PM by Fred Pfeiffer


There is water running everywhere in the Great Falls area with strong southwest Chinook winds as high as 33 mph and they are likely to get stronger and continue tonight. With water on top of ice many roads, parking lots and sidewalks are covered with a thin layer of water over ice, be very careful. It is easy to fall with these slippery conditions.

Overnight mostly cloudy skies and southwest winds gusting to as high as 35 mph, which will keep the temperature close to 40 during the early morning hours allowing the melting to continue.

Thursday partly sunny with gusty winds hanging on, just not as strong and that will keep the temperatures around 40 during the daytime as well.

Friday a weather disturbance, we have been watching this week, moves into the area with a 50 percent chance of snow. Possible accumulation totals could be between 1" and 3" inches. The high in the low 30's.

Saturday cooler and some lingering showers. High around 27.

Sunday mostly cloudy and warmer with a few possible showers. High in the lower 40's.

Monday partly sunny, scattered showers and warm enough to even fall as rain. High near 50.

Watch for icy conditions and be careful where you walk. No one wants a fall on the hard concrete or asphalt!