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Nov 9, 2012 1:43 PM by STORMTracker Weather Team

Winter Watch Update: Blizzard Warnings until 6pm

A powerful winter storm continues to slowly churn eastward across the state bringing widespread blizzard conditions to many areas.

Light to moderate snow is still widespread along the I-15 corridor from Helena to Great Falls and up towards Cut Bank.

Heavier snow is falling in some of our northeastern counties.

Winds have also been increasing all morning and are now gusting from 30 to 50 mph in many spots. This is creating blizzard-like conditions and dropping wind chills below zero.

A Blizzard Warning has now been issued for many areas until 6pm and Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect until 11am Saturday morning.

Snowfall totals so far have been impressive with many spots seeing well over a foot of snow.

Here's a look at the latest snowfall totals across the state:

Snow is expected to continue falling into the evening along with blowing snow and dangerously cold wind chills.

Stay with the STORMTracker Weather team for continued updates through the afternoon.

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This photo is from Lisa Pfeiffer, who wrote: "puppies 3rd birthday and first deep snow. she loves the deep snow, but pet owners remember to make sure your pets are safe and warm through this storm."

Puppy in the snow

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