Great Falls

May 10, 2011 8:15 PM by Daniel Johnson (Great Falls)

Women's Auxiliary of the Salvation Army needs help with annual sale

The Women's Auxiliary of the Salvation Army in Great Falls has always depended on the generosity of the community to make their annual antique and collectible sale a success.

But over years, there's been a gradual decrease in the number of women's auxiliary volunteers, and with such a large sale coming up, it's involved a lot of extra work.

Mary Ellen Johnson, president of the group, noted, "I think we work harder and we're not just doing one job anymore. Many of our, in fact most of our members that are able to be active members are holding positions, taking on two or three departments."

The work includes cleaning and repairing any items collected throughout the years every Wednesday at the store; then each item is brought over for the sale, but it's the lifting and moving of the items that make it tough.

Beverly Ulner said, "We're getting a older group. Consequently some of them can't do the work we've done in the past."

And once the items are finally brought to the sale, the women do some last minute touch-ups.

Antique collectible dolls, silverware, glass cups, and many other items are sold during the sale

The number of items has increased over last year; the only items they need is furniture.

And with more items being donated, the need for more volunteers is crucial and as little as just ten new members will do.

The sale is this Friday and Saturday (May 13/14) and tickets to the luncheon and early bird special are limited.

Proceeds go toward youth programs and children's Christmas gifts.

For more information or to volunteer, call 453-0391.