Apr 14, 2010 11:14 AM by KTVQ News

Wyoming man breaks most-piercing record with 1,501

They say everyone has a special talent - people just have to figure out what their particular talent is.

For Ed Bruns, a 46-year-old trucker from Gillette, Wyoming, his gift is a high tolerance for pain. So he used that talent to set a Guinness Book record for most body piercings in a single sitting.

The Guinness record of 1,197 was held by a Texas man, but Bruns figured he could beat that.

With his family there to support him on his quest, he he spent four hours enduring pins and needles in order to beat the record with 1,200 piercings.

But then Bruns upped the ante, finishing with 1,501 piercings completed in four hours and 27 minutes.

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