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Jan 26, 2011 2:13 PM by Heath Heggem (Great Falls)

Zachary Ramsay declared "legally deceased"

Zachary Ramsay, the Great Falls boy who was reported missing in 1996, was declared legally deceased on Wednesday.

The parents of Zachary testified in a Great Falls courtroom on Wednesday.

Testifying via video from the East coast, father Franz Ramsay was seeking to have Zachary declared legally dead.

Ramsay's father now lives in Washington, DC; a life insurance policy he had on Zachary cannot be collected until the death is legally declared.

Zachary's mother, Rachel Howard, disputes her ex-husband's assertion and believes her son is still alive. She told the court on Wednesday, "My son's alive and I'm going to find him."

The ruling was made by Judge Kenneth Neill.

The disappearance of Zachary has been a mystery in Great Falls since February 6th, 1996, when 10-year old Zachary disappeared on his way to school.

Despite no physical evidence, convicted criminal Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was set to stand trial for Ramsay's murder in 2002, but Ramsay's mother refused to testify, insisting that her son was still alive.

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    Franz Ramsay testifies via video
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