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Beaver causes power outage in western Montana

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A power outage in parts of western Montana on Wednesday night caused some confusion and curiosity.

Most people associate power outages with either lightning or squirrels -- but last night's outage was apparently triggered by a beaver.

NorthWestern Energy posted on Twitter on Thursday morning: "The apparent cause of the Missoula-area outage last night? A beaver dropped a tree into transmission line! The beaver incident caused brief outage on westside and lights to blink all over the city, including Osprey game."

MTN News affiliate KPAX in Missoula posted on Facebook that a National Weather Service employee told them: "There was a super bright burst of purple light near N. Reserve in Missoula. So bright all the street lights with sensors turned off! Power is out in Missoula around 3rd & Reserve all the way to South Ave. Lights at Mount & 3rd are dark"! 

The post generated hundreds of responses from people in Missoula and beyond -- among them: 

Maria Martinez: "Our lights were flickering weirdly here in Polson also. So strange for it to happen in such a large area. Freaky!"

Michael Burks: "Power is out at Osprey Field. Top of the 9th with the home team up 8-1...3 outs away from a championship!!!!" (NOTE: The Missoula Osprey went on to win.) 

Dee Headdress Morgan:  "I'm in Ronan and ours dimmed out and flickered as well. We thought they were going out. Weird."

Kimberly Witwer: "Here in kalispell my lights flickered badly and now my cable has been out for an 1hr." 

Chris Brown: "The power is out on the interstate between whitehall and 3 forks."

Danielle Donovan: "My lights flickered and internet went out for a bit down here in Hamilton by Skalkaho."

Rachel Hawkins: "I was right outside the gym at UM when the radio suddenly cut out and the lights outside the buildings flickered wildly for several seconds. Very odd."

Kendra Winn: "Our lights flickered in Florence. I told my daughter to stop messing around, but she informed me that she was in a different room. Weird!"

Some people injected a bit of humor into the discussion, with many references to aliens and the ever-popular "I'm not saying it was aliens..." meme -- as well as a few other sci-fi references: 

Lorinda Mattson: "Lights flickered out on Mullan between Missoula and Frenchtown- preparing for the alien invasion as we speak."

Jeff Roberts: "Or Haarp. CERN was fired up again too."

Richard Wilcox: "You'll all be living Under the Dome."

Frodie Wapikiya: "Sorry for the disturbance everyone..My wife made spaghetti-pizza last night and my stomach was really on one!"

Kathy Bruce: "Lights flickered around 11pm in Turah. I was in my bedroom as I was watching "Paranormal Witness" freaked me out just a bit. Lol"

Jordon Patch: "4th and final blood moon less then a week away hmmm. Open your eyes people."

Jestin Bertsch: "Well first contact happens in Montana, just a little sooner then expected. Look out for Borg!"

Whitney Tanner-Spurr: "My husband blamed everyone turning heaters on at once -- more likely to be aliens then that!"

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