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Lukasik charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault

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Rodney Leonard Lukasik of Great Falls was arrested Wednesday and has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault with a weapon.

The Great Falls Police Department’s High Risk Unit assisted detectives with an investigation by executing a search warrant at 832 Sacajawea Drive on Wednesday morning. The incident triggered a brief "shelter in place" at two nearby schools.

Brian Joseph Murphy is listed as a co-defendant in the charging documents.

According to court documents, Lukasik, Murphy, and a third person identified as “Rob” played roles in torturing a woman on September 27th at Lukasik’s home.

The woman was able to escape, court documents say, and she told police that the ordeal began in late May when she left an inpatient chemical dependency program and went to Lukasik's home.

She saw that Lukasik’s home had been ransacked, and later learned that it had been burglarized.

A man by the alias of “Moneyshot” arrived at Lukasik’s home shortly after she arrived, she told police. He reportedly told her he needed to secure Lukasik’s guns because of the burglary.

Moneyshot told the woman he was ordered by a man with the alias of “Rainman” to get the guns.

Charging documents say police identified "Rainman" as Murphy based on previous investigations.

The woman told police she helped Moneyshot load the firearms into a vehicle, and he then left.

Lukasik was angry when he came home and found out the guns were gone. The woman reportedly told Lukasik about Murphy's involvement, and Lukasik said that Murphy had stolen the guns.

Court documents state that Lukasik asked the woman to report the guns as stolen, but she refused because she was not the owner of the firearms, and she suspected that they had been stolen before they were taken from Lukasik.

The woman said she spent the night at Lukasik’s the night before the assault, and that she took $100 from his pocket while he was sleeping.

She later went back to Lukasik’s home and admitted to the theft later, and Lukasik told her to steal tools for him to pawn to pay back her debt.

He also asked her whether she “wanted to patch things up" with Murphy, because Murphy was upset with her for reporting the stolen guns.

The woman reportedly stopped Lukasik from confronting her boyfriend with a gun when the boyfriend drove by to check on her.

The woman said she left Lukasik’s for a short time, and when she returned Murphy was there. According to the document, Murphy confronted her and Lukasik left the house.

The woman said Murphy flipped over the couch she was sitting on, throwing her to the floor.

He reportedly put her on a kitchen chair and then put her phone in the freezer.

She said that Murphy flicked lit cigarettes at her and put one out on her right arm. He said he wanted the woman to confront Lukasik about the guns.

The document says Lukasik returned to the home with “Rob.” She told police she mentioned the guns and Lukasik and Murphy yelled at her. She said Murphy then choked her.

The woman said that Murphy and Rob talked about killing her and lining the car trunk with plastic in order to dispose of her body.

She said Rob shocked her in the abdomen several times with a stun-gun/Taser.

She also said that Murphy held a butane torch near her face and burned her hair, and threatened to burn her skin.

The woman said she attempted to get away and ran to the bathroom, but Murphy caught up to her and hit her in the chest with a cane.

The two men told the woman they were going to strangle her with wire, and she then ran to another room.

Court documents allege that Rob then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the woman, telling her to stop running; the woman said that Murphy told Rob to kill her.

She again tried to escape, but she was tackled in the hallway.

She reported feeling an object she thought was a gun against the back of her head as Rob attempted to wrap the wire around her neck.

The woman told police she used her hands to stop the wire from going around her neck and slipped away, and then locked herself in the bathroom. The woman said she then jumped out of the window and went to call the police.

We will update you as we get more information.

UPDATE: Brian Murphy and Robert Hoenjet have also both been charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault with a weapon.

Bail for each of the three men was set at $100,000.

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