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KRTV Facebook Page: commenting guidelines

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The KRTV Facebook page is an open forum, but we strive to keep conversations civil, so please keep your comments on topic and in good taste. 

We respectfully ask that you follow the commenting guidelines posted below. 

Comments that violate these guidelines may be hidden (visible only to the person who posted it and their friends), or removed.

The following types of comments could be hidden or removed, but context is important in determining the fate of any particular comment:

  • Comments that contain vulgar, profane, hateful, or abusive language or images; personal attacks against other commenters, or offensive terms that discriminate against specific ethnic, national, racial, or sexual groups.
  • Derogatory comments about a person's appearance or name.
  • Comments that point out spelling/grammar errors of other commenters
  • Comments that are clearly off-topic or spam
  • Comments that make unsupported legal accusations or encourage illegal activity, or which contain deliberate falsehoods or misinformation.
  • Comments that implicate family members in crimes that they are not charged with.
  • "Drive-by" or sarcastic comments that are designed primarily to elicit negative responses or start a comment fight (sometimes known as trolling).
  • Comments that link to non-MTN news sites

We never hide or delete comments that express political views - from any side - unless they violate the guidelines above.

In addition, we utilize the "strong" setting on the Facebook profanity filter and post moderation filter to automatically hide comments that contain certain vulgar words (and variations of them).

Some people have asked why we don't "turn off" comments on certain Facebook posts - and the answer is: we can't. Facebook does not allow public pages such as ours to turn off commenting.

Some people think that removing or hiding certain comments is a violation of their First Amendment rights - but it isn't. The First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) prevents the government from restricting a person's speech. 

We appreciate and value free speech, but also try very hard to maintain a relatively civil "community" on our Facebook page. 

And remember - you are always free to post whatever you like on your own Facebook page, or Twitter account, or website/blog, or Instagram, or Snapchat, or Pinterest, or any of the other social media sites.

These guidelines have been developed and approved by the station manager, the news director, and the online manager.

Thank you!

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