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Torres charged with stabbing a man in Glacier County

Posted: Dec 15, 2017 12:56 PM Updated:

Edward Anthony Torres has been charged with stabbing a man near Babb last week.

The victim of the stabbing survived the incident, and was released from the hospital a few days later.

A family member of the victim told KRTV that "he only nicked the bottom left lung and missed every vital organ by less than an inch."

Torres has been charged in federal court with assault resulting in serious bodily injury

On December 6, 2017, Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services was notified of a reported stabbing in Babb, located within the boundaries of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. A BLES officer went to the Indian Health Services hospital in Browning to to talk with the victim.

At the hospital, the officer learned the stabbing took place near the Two Sisters Café in Babb, and, after the stabbing, the victim was dropped off in front of an Emergency Medical Services office in Babb. EMS personnel then took the victim to the IHS hospital in Browning.

The victim told the officer that the person who stabbed him was known as “Eddy,” and said that that “Eddy” also goes by the name “Anthony Pac” on Facebook, and he has a tattoo on his hand that says “Cali.”

The officer showed a photograph of a person known as “Edward Duarte” to an EMS technician who taken the victim to Browning. The EMS technician said the person in the photograph had been in the vehicle that dropped the victim off off at the EMS office in Babb.

The technician noted that when Duarte dropped the victim off, he was apologizing to him and said he was sorry.

The victim was suffering from four arterial bleeds and was being prepped to be airlifted via Mercy Flight to Benefis Health System in Great Falls.

An officer conducted an interview of a woman who stated she had been in the Ford truck earlier that morning with Torres when they encountered the victim in a neighborhood near Babb. The woman said the victim entered their vehicle and got in the backseat with Torres. She believed the victim was intoxicated and said he was “all drunk,” but noted that he was “just trying to be nice.”

She told the officer that as soon as the victim got into the vehicle, Torres started “popping off” on him. An argument between the two ensued. The woman said she wasn't sure of the exact nature of the problem between Torres and the victim, but believed the problem may have been related to a girl that both men had previously pursued.

She then said as the two men continued to argue, the driver pulled the vehicle over near the Two Sisters Café and told the two to get out and “settle it.”

Torres and the victim got out of the truck and proceeded to meet each other at the rear of the truck, by the tailgate. The woman said she heard the victim say “Hey, my leg!” and heard a thump on the truck. She then yelled and told both men that it was time to go. The two then entered the vehicle and acted “like normal.” She said it seemed like only three to five seconds that Torres and the victim were outside of the truck.

Once the victim got back in the vehicle, he began complaining that he was hurt and could not feel his leg, according to the woman, saying over and over that he had been hit with brass knuckles. He also said he was bleeding. The woman turned on a light inside the truck and saw that the victim was bleeding from his chest. She told the officer that Torres did not say anything when he returned to the truck and it seemed like he was in shock. She never saw a knife and was unaware that Torres had possessed a weapon.

The officer then interviewed the driver of the vehicle, who said he believed the victim had been “drinking pretty heavy.” He said that as soon as the victim got into the truck, he and Torres started nagging at each other like little kids. The driver thought they were arguing over a girl.

The driver's account of what had happened was consistent with what the woman had said, and noted while they were outside of the truck the victim said “my leg, my leg, don’t hit me with brass” and kept saying “brass knuckles.” He also heard the victim say “ok, ok, ok, I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough.”

The driver said he never saw a weapon or brass knuckles, and never saw anyone hitting each other, but heard “some pretty good thumping.” When he saw that the victim was bleeding, the driver then drove straight to the EMS station in Babb. The driver said he was shocked while driving to EMS and asked Torres, “Did you stab him, you idiot?” and “What is wrong with you?”

The driver said that Torres started to cry, but did not really say anything. The driver said at that point, the victim said he was bleeding, couldn’t feel his leg, and was getting warm.

The driver said when they contacted EMS in Babb, the victim was coherent enough to tell them he needed to go to a hospital. The driver said Torres helped EMS with treatment by putting pressure on the victim's wounds, and said Torres broke down and cried and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

On December 7, the truck was searched, and on the rear passenger seat was a large, drying pool of red substance that appeared to be blood. The officer also saw smudges of a red substance appearing to be blood on the tailgate of the truck.

On December 8, the victim was interviewed at the ICU at Benefis He said that he had been drinking, saw the truck driving by, and asked to join the group.

He told the officer that when he got in the truck he said, “What’s up, Eddie?” real friendly. The victim said Eddie was “terrorizing” him and “mean mugging” him. He said that he asked Eddie to leave him alone and noted he was tired of Eddie acting that way towards him.

The victim then told the officer that he told Eddie he didn’t know what was wrong with him and if Eddie wanted to fight he should get out and fight like a man, to which Eddie agreed. The victim then said he and Eddie got out of the vehicle and went to the back of the truck. According to the victim, the first thing that happened was that Eddie swung at him. The victim said he believed Eddie hit him with brass knuckles in the chest, and later assumed the weapon Eddie used was a knife.

The victim said pretty soon after that his leg went numb and he fell over. He said that he then told Eddie, “OK, I’m done," and after he fell down and told Eddie he was done, Eddie struck him one more time with a knife near his belly button.

The victim said when he fell over he felt warm liquid down his body. He claims that he asked Eddie, “did you stab me?” but Eddie did not respond.

On December 9, the woman called the investigating officer and said Torres was at her home, banging on her door and crying. She said Torres wanted to “turn himself in,” but first wanted to come into her home and call his mother.

The officer told her it was permissible for her to allow Torres to enter her home and use her phone. The officer responded to her residence with an FBI Special Agent and subsequently arrested Torres for the assault.

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