Lindsie Hiatt

Lindsie Hiatt



Shortly after joining the KRTV team in June 2019, the California native quickly fell in love with Montana. Lindsie feels fortunate to report for a community that embraces the media with open arms.

In her time here, she has covered historical moments from the outbreak of coronavirus to the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as some lighthearted stories, like that of Mister Wobbles the disabled cat and the heartwarming 70th anniversary celebration of one of Great Falls’ own couples.

She hopes to make a mark on Montana the way it has on her and always look back fondly at her “Great Falls Adventure.”

If you’d like to see her stories, or simply follow along her journey to becoming a news anchor in California, you can do so here:

Facebook: @livewithlindsie
Instagram: @livewithlindsie
Twitter: @LindsieHiatt

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