Rooted in fact-based, transparent reporting, Newsy is an award-winning opinion-free network owned by the E.W. Scripps Company that is relentlessly focused on “the why” of every story and seeks to enable a more intimate and immersive understanding of the issues that matter. Newsy elevates the stories of those affected by the news – establishing an emotional link for our viewers with the real people and places at the heart of our coverage.

Want to watch Newsy? You’ll need to rescan your TV!

Want to watch Newsy for FREE? Follow the simple steps below to complete a rescan of your TV.

  • Press the Menu button on your Converter Box, Digital TV, or remote. 
  • Go to Setup or Settings. 
  • Go to Installation, or System, or Channels. 
  • Go to Scan Channels, Program Channels, Auto-Scan, Auto-Program or Auto-Tuning. 
  • Press Select, or Enter, or OK to scan. 

Sometimes a double rescan is needed to clear the memory of your digital TV or converter box:

  • Disconnect the antenna from the Converter Box or Digital TV. 
  • Rescan without the antenna connected. As with any scan follow the on-screen instructions or owner’s manual for your device. 
  • Unplug the Converter Box or Digital TV from the electrical outlet for one minute. 
  • Reconnect the antenna to the Converter Box or Digital TV and plug the unit into the electrical outlet. 
  • Rescan the Converter Box or Digital TV one more time. 

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