Benefis Foundation Donors Chart New Course in Healthcare with Women’s and Children’s Center in Great Falls, Montana

5:01 PM, Nov 19, 2019

The healthcare of generations of Montanans will be better because of a new Women’s and Children’s Center in Great Falls, but it won’t be possible without your support.

This center aims to make getting medical care easier for northcentral Montana families, with the goal of creating a place where all families thrive, and where young families have the resources to grow.

The design calls for a 48,000-square-foot outpatient treatment center for patients to receive first-class healthcare. Nothing else like this exists in the region, but the need is real.

The Benefis Women’s and Children’s Center will offer services such as well checkups and specialty care in a comforting, state-of-the-art space designed to promote collaboration among medical providers. It’s a place where thousands of pivotal moments for Montana families will unfold.

The center is planned as three stories, with women’s health on the third floor, pediatrics on the second floor, and mammography, lab, imaging, and pediatric therapies on the first floor.

The goal is to start construction on the Benefis Women’s and Children’s Center in Spring 2020. With your support, the center would then open in late 2021 or early 2022.

“The new Benefis Women’s and Children’s Center will fill a big gap in the care available in Great Falls and the surrounding communities,” said KC Beall, mother of Rydell and Grady. “It will allow for more collaboration between our pediatrician and our physical therapist. It will be a great asset for all families, including ours!”

One example of expanded services is the pediatric therapies space, which will double in size.

The outside therapy zone is expected to have a playground feel, architect Dani Grebe said. Picture a track on rolling hills for tricycles and balancing bars.

She also is designing the center with different comfort environments. Some children will want to be in the open areas to talk and play with others, while some children will prefer peace in a more private space.

For Dr. LaToya Floyd, a pediatric psychiatrist, the center is about creating a “medical home” that brings together the team of medical providers needed to tackle the health challenges of children and teens in a collaborative way “because together, we’re stronger.”

Benefis specialists need your help as they work together to help children and their families.

“If we can figure out how to create a continuum of care from the services that we have, we will definitely see change in our community,” Dr. Floyd said.

Each generation leaves behind a legacy for the next generation and beyond. At Benefis, that legacy stretches back to the 1890s and far-sighted Montana pioneers and religious leaders. As you look around the community, consider: What have previous generations of Montanans done for you?

This project can be your chance to pay it forward.

“Getting them a solid foundation started as children makes a lifelong impact.”

- Dr. Emily Grant

Dr. Emily Grant, a pediatrician and a mom, said investing in the new center will pay itself forward as it improves the health of the next generation of Montanans.

“We serve a large area, and if you put all the children in those communities together, that is our future,” she said. “Getting them a solid foundation started as children makes a lifelong impact.”

If you believe a strong community is something that can only be achieved together, make a gift today and help the Benefis Women’s and Children’s Center become a reality. Benefis can only build the center with your help.

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