NeighborWorks Great Falls: Celebrating 40 Years of Home

5:34 PM, Jan 16, 2020

Since 1980, NeighborWorks Great Falls has been working to provide a better community for neighbors of all backgrounds – through homeownership opportunities, affordable financial and housing resources and community engagement initiatives.

This year, NeighborWorks is celebrating 40 years of helping community members achieve their dreams of homeownership with education, counseling, and financial resources. NeighborWorks has done just that, as it has helped over 2,100 people buy homes and counseled more than 1,000 people. Additionally, we celebrate stronger, safer neighborhoods as we reflect on nearly 500 blighted homes that have been removed and/or renovated since 1980 in Great Falls.

NeighborWorks Great Falls started out as an organization with three employees working to clean up the downtown neighborhoods through home improvement loans and engaging neighbors to spruce up their properties. Today NeighborWorks employs almost 20 individuals and has a broad range of community and housing programs and services – all with the same goal of improving the neighborhood and surrounding community.

“Forty years would not have been possible without those in the community who have given their time, dollars, talent and support over the course of our history. Chelsey Hutmacher, NeighborWorks Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator says. “Our 40th anniversary is special because it gives us an opportunity to truly thank this community for their generosity and reflect on all the lives that have been positively impacted because of our work.”

Looking to the future, here are a few ways NeighborWorks can help you.

Homeownership and Financial Resources

“Our intention is not to just put people in homes but to make sure they are ready to take on homeownership from an educational and financial standpoint,” says Hutmacher. “We are always looking out for the best interest of everyone who walks through our doors, and we are confident that we can find a way to help others on their path towards homeownership, financial fitness, or whatever issues or struggles they might be facing.”

NeighborWorks can help you succeed with its homebuyer education programs, free financial coaching, and financial assistance programs.

You can take advantage of their homebuyer education course that will teach you about everything from realtors and home inspectors to mortgage lenders and more. It costs $75 per household and is offered every month. In addition to group education, you can sign up for free one-on-one pre-purchase or financial coaching sessions to help navigate finances, down payment assistance and more.

There is no income requirement for either the course or individual session, although you will need to meet certain guidelines to qualify for NeighborWorks financial assistance or Owner Built Homes program. Financial assistance is based on financial need and includes help with making down payments and paying closing costs.

Homeownership Preservation

While creating homeowners may be your first thought when it comes to NeighborWorks, helping to preserve homeowners is also a goal. In addition to the free financial coaching offered, NeighborWorks assists with foreclosure mitigation, reverse mortgage counseling and emergency maintenance loans. Find out more.

Affordable Rentals

NeighborWorks Great Falls knows not everyone is ready to become a homeowner, but knows quality affordable rentals are an essential stepping stone. As NeighborWorks has adapted over the last 40 years, a major challenge facing the folks who come in their door is finding a safe, decent and affordable rental that allows them to be in a financially stable position. NeighborWorks has partnered to be a solution in providing affordable options for Great Falls Families. You can see their work here.

NeighborWorks work doesn’t stop with housing - downtown safety, the High School House program, MApril Community Clean Up, and resident leadership trainings are all programs that complement the financial and housing services NeighborWorks is able to provide to improve the community. Looking towards the future NeighborWorks Executive Director, Sherrie Arey states, “The last 40 years have allowed great work to be done, but there’s much more to do and we’re looking forward accomplishing that in the next 40 years.”

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