Home Buyer Program helps with Budgeting, Planning and Purchasing

4:58 PM, Nov 01, 2019

Owning a home can be a daunting and difficult process. A huge reason why buying a home can seem like such a big decision is the amount of careful planning and saving that goes into purchasing a home. In fact, 72 percent of millennial renters who plan to purchase a home cite affordability as a reason that they are delaying homeownership, with 62 percent pinpointing a lack of down payment savings specifically. But did you know that there are free, easy ways to help plan for your next home? Check out these four reasons why you should consider NeighborWorks Great Falls home buyer planning program:

It’s free individual counseling
Yep, that’s right -- free! NeighborWorks Great Falls aims to be the best third-party resource to help people through the home buying process. The program is entirely optional and free, and is useful to help you successfully financially prepare for home ownership. “There’s no catch – they are free individualized appointments built out entirely for you and your goals,” says Katie Batterbee, Director of Marketing and Philanthropy at NeighborWorks Great Falls. “We’re providing the support to help you find the best fit for your family. These appointments can be something you do just once or something you follow up with as your goals change.”

Education on financial home planning
A lot of to-be homeowners start out with no budget at all, or worse -- an unrealistic budget -- and find it difficult to understand the entire process. Others think that a financial planning session is only for those who are having troubles. However, NeighborWorks home buyer program takes the stress out of financial planning by educating potential homeowners on how to create a budget, spending plan, and change your spending habits as life changes -- all so you can plan ahead. By starting the process early and seeing what resources are available to you, you can not only be intentional about setting goals, but also stick to them.

Stop yourself from missing out on opportunities
There’s the cliche, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, but in this case, it’s actually true. “If potential home buyers don’t know that there are a ton of home buyer resources out there, how can they take advantage of them?” reasons Batterbee. By coming in for a financial planning session, you can learn about the various down payment assistance options NeighborWorks Great Falls has to offer, such as a Matched Savings Accounts for a down payment with a 3 to 1 match and other resources. NeighborWorks Great Falls has a wide range of financial assistance, such as no interest deferred loans. These resources can help families make those tough decisions, without having to break the bank.

It helps you make better choices
NeighborWorks is here to show you that a lot is possible, even when goals seem unattainable. The program helps home buyers make careful financial choices that can result in homeownership. Even if something feels like a barrier, like a low credit score, NeighborWorks can help to resolve or lessen that barrier. NeighborWorks individualized appointments are for as many times as necessary to help you achieve your goals. Batterbee says it’s all about “Creating good financial habits, being intentional about your goals, and having someone to help you work through those goals. These are huge first steps in attaining your financial and homeownership goals.”

Check out how to get started with NeighborWorks Home Buyer programs today by visiting their website at https://www.nwgf.org/.

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