Why are Co-Ops So Great? You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

9:29 AM, Jun 25, 2019
CHS Big Sky

In today’s world where massive corporations seem to reign supreme in the marketplace, cooperatives offer an alternative. But what exactly is a co-op and why are they so beneficial for the customers who use them? Below, learn what they are and why the communities they serve love them so much.

1. What Makes a Cooperative Special?

At its core, a co-op is a business that’s owned by the people who use its products and services. This gives the customers and member-owners the opportunity to have a say in how the business is run through a local Board of Directors and how it will evolve and adapt to the changing times. It also means that their customer demand is met with the supply needed — and at a fair cost. What’s more, co-ops open lines of communication from the owners to global marketplaces, leading to more information-sharing, as well as enabling them to quickly adapt service offerings and supplies.

2. Why Does a Co-op Work?

With co-ops like CHS Big Sky, the customers are the owners and therefore know exactly what the company should do to fulfill their needs. At the core of every co-op, there’s one goal in mind — to help their customers grow. At CHS Big Sky in particular, they do that by providing quality products, the latest innovations, and first-class customer service. Education, training, and information-gathering help the agriculture co-op thrive.

3. Why is a Co-op Beneficial?

Unlike large corporations where much of the benefits are funneled to the very top of the organization, co-ops benefit their member-owners, customers, and ultimately, the communities they serve through sharing profitability. Because they’re run by and for locals, they financially support the community with job-creation. Dollars spent in a co-op circulate back through other community businesses, enriching the entire community. Autonomy, independence, and democratic member-owner control means the customer-owners have all the say.

CHS Big Sky operates their business with integrity, inclusion, safety, and a cooperative spirit. These guiding principles allow the cooperative to flourish for and because of the members who contribute to and fuel its success. To learn more about what the CHS Big Sky co-op is all about, their services, and offerings, visit them online at CHSBigSky.com .

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