Water Quality Solutions for Your Home or Business

8:19 AM, Mar 21, 2019

No living thing can survive without water, and all of us recognize when we’re dealing with a subpar stream at home or at work — the ice tastes funny, and everything from hair to dishes loses its shine. But instead of settling for bad water in our daily lives, we can do something about it and ensure cleaner, better quality for all those important matters that require water.

A family owned and operated enterprise, Culligan Water of Great Falls focuses on providing clean water for drinking, bathing and other household or business needs. In fact, their nickname in the area is the water doctors, according to Toby Malsam, whose family purchased the franchise in the late 1970s watched it earn a sterling reputation in the area.

Here is an overview of the products that can help your household or office with a water quality issue. 


Feeling disgusted by the water that comes out of the nearby faucet and determined not to drink it? Invest in better drinking water with the help of a Culligan Water Cooler. Available in both traditional bottle coolers as well as their new Bottle-Free version, a cooler will consistently provide your home or office with great-tasting water dispensed either hot or cold.

Water Filtration Systems

Have your dishes come out looking awfully spotty lately? Does your skin seem dull after a shower or a bath? In that case, you may want to opt for the total water filtration system. The HE Softener-Cleer by Culligan can help with a multitude of water problems such as appliances that don’t work optimally, the “rotten egg smell” and clogged shower heads.

Water Softener

Perhaps you’re unaware of what a vast difference a simple water softener can make. Plush towels, bouncy hair and a house that is easier to clean are just some of the perks that you’ll discover after installing a Culligan HE Softener. Not only can you control the softener from anywhere in the house, you can also control the level of softness or hardness for the water.

Drinking Water System

Clean, delicious water from your sink plus money saved on bottled water and fewer plastic in the recycling bin — what other reasons could you possibly need to install a Culligan Drinking Water system in the kitchen? With the patented Aqua-Cleer system, your entire household or office will notice a huge difference in the way the water tastes, and they’ll likely drink more of it!

Water Doctor Diagnosis

Are you uncertain of what your home or office actually needs after reading over these exciting options for better water? Don’t fret — Culligan will come to place of business or residence and do a free diagnosis. The best part is that you are under no obligation to buy. The folks at Culligan are known as the “water doctors,” so you can rest assured you’re getting professionals who understand what your home or office needs for higher quality water.

Want to know more? Visit https://www.culligangreatfalls.com.

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