Life Lessons: Eight Ways a Christian Education Prepares Your Child for the Future

8:30 AM, Jan 25, 2019

Parents sometimes ask themselves what a Christian-based education can offer their child, and whether the financial investment is worth it. And the word “investment,” by the way, is used here on purpose—it’s important for savvy moms and dads to feel they’ve put that money toward a fruitful future, far beyond the years of primary and secondary education.

Fortunately, parents who invest in Foothills Community Christian School have several reasons to feel confident in the success of their child’s future. Beyond a rigorous intellectual program, Foothills makes certain that each student who graduates is prepared for “real life” ahead.

Here are eight key ways a Christian education at Foothills prepares a student for the future.

A Focus on Community Engagement

At Foothills Community Christian School, students are taught to engage with the surrounding community and to recognize that each person within a community is an invaluable piece of the puzzle. Civic duties, such as voting in elections and taking a responsible stand in local matters, are encouraged.

A Focus on Service

Giving back is not just a concept; it’s an activity. Kids who go to school at FCCS have the opportunity to give back in a myriad of ways, volunteering time and other important resources to those who are less fortunate in order to foster a sense of empathy and social responsibility.

Opportunities for Leadership

To better prepare young people for leadership in the future, Foothills offers a number of “right now” ways to train budding leaders, both within and outside the classroom environment.  From government and student led groups to athletics, a multitude of talent and skills are called to shine.

An Emphasis on Teamwork

The ability to work amicably with others in a group setting is an important skill for any person, and Foothills Community Christian School emphasizes teamwork in a variety of ways. Whether it is community service, collaborative academic projects or personal decision-making, students are encouraged to help each other.

Lifelong Friendships

Because FCCS gives students ample time to work together in school and in the real world, bonds are formed and friendships stand the test of time. Small class sizes foster lifelong relationships and many graduates keep in touch with each other and share success stories.

Strong Christian Faith

Any Christian parent hopes a child is able to leave home with a solid foundation of faith, and teachers at Foothills Community Christian School understand this. Presenting a strong foundation in Christianity is paramount, and graduates embark on new adventures, either in college or the workforce, with this foundation.

A Biblical Approach to Living

FCCS shows students how to think critically using the lens of the Bible. As a result, graduates find themselves better able to face real world problems and to make decisions that align with Biblical values and principles.

The Skills to Interact with Others

It takes all kinds to make up a world, and Foothills Community Christian School understands that graduates will encounter people of every faith and background in their adulthood. Foothills graduates enter the workforce equipped to address differences in a compassionate and diplomatic manner.

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