Need a Home Improvement Loan? 5 Reasons to Consider NeighborWorks

11:28 AM, May 23, 2019

As a homeowner, you’ll inevitably run into occasions where a repair or renovation is more costly than what your bank account can bear. When that happens, a home improvement loan is the most logical solution to not only improve your home’s value, but reduce your headache and keep your home in great shape. But when you need a loan, where should you turn?

Here are five important reasons to consider NeighborWorks of Great Falls for your home improvement loan needs, no matter what your unique situation might be.

  1. Homeownership education is their priority.

When you become a homeowner, a whole slew of responsibilities and, yes, pitfalls come along with the privilege. Many new homeowners aren’t prepared, and some never seek out the knowledge they need to educate themselves. NeighborWorks understands that owning a home isn’t all fun and rainbows, and that’s why they make educating homeowners a priority whether you are seeking a loan or not. Other types of support — such as financial coaching, reverse mortgage and foreclosure counseling — are available through the organization.

  1. People who have struggled to obtain loans have success with NeighborWorks.

For homeowners who haven’t had a sterling financial history, NeighborWorks can be a breath of fresh air and new hope. The organization is able to work with homeowners of different financial backgrounds on a case-by-case basis. If a family has been turned down by a traditional financial institution, a loan for home improvement might still be possible through NeighborWorks.

  1. Emergency loans that might be turned down elsewhere are carefully considered.

If you thought all home improvement loans were about getting granite countertops in the kitchen or larger master bedroom suite, think again. Oftentimes, an emergency event — such as water line break, sewer repair or even pest removal — is the reason that a home improvement loan becomes necessary. While these emergency loans aren’t always readily approved by traditional financial institutions, NeighborWorks is able to be flexible with loan approval and, in a number of cases, salvage the residence.

  1. NeighborWorks offers more than one type of loan.

Concerned about whether the loan available through NeighborWorks will fit your needs and your financial lifestyle? There’s a great chance that it will. Because NeighborWorks is able to be flexible, your loan is customized for your particular needs and financial parameters — right down to the interest rates on monthly payments.

  1. A loan through NeighborWorks is a way to help yourself as well as your community.

Many people mistakenly think that NeighborWorks is specifically an organization to get families into their homes, period — but it doesn’t stop there. Supporting families once they are already homeowners and creating long-term successful homeowners through financial assistance, coaching and counseling allows for stable residents and a solid community.  

“We help people improve their situation and the home they are already in,” affirms Katie Batterbee, director of marketing and philanthropy at NeighborWorks. “Families taking pride in their home helps the entire community.”

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